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Just over a week

It was a week on Thursday that I had my surgery.

So far I have to say its been pretty smooth sailing. I think I've been pretty fortunate to have such a good outcome. I am a little worried about what is going to happen when I hit the solid food stage. Its been so simple for me so far but I think food might be where it starts to get more difficult.

I am still getting tired out pretty easily. We managed a trip into the city centre on Thursday and did a lot of walking around. But Friday I was totally wiped out. At one point we were walking past a Greggs and there was a lady with giant slice of pizza. It was strange because I didn't really want to eat it but its more like I remember pizza tasting good and enjoying it? I guess I am still figuring out where I am with food and how it can be a healthy part of my life.

Feeling less tired today and managed to do some cooking for my husband and a good friend that is coming over tonight. I've always loved cooking and I didn't want to lost that hobby after weight loss surgery. But as I was cooking I realized how much I used to pick as I cooked. I can't at the moment because I am still on liquid but it was totally something I took note of and will remember in the future. Wouldn't want extra calories to slip in at a future date. I've also hit up Egghead's cooking blog after some recommendation on the forums.

I haven't weighed myself since the surgery. In the past the scales have always been dangerous for me. So I have decided to make a firm commitment to only weigh and measure on the first of each month. My main reasons for having this surgery were for getting healthy so I am trying to think of the weight loss as an added bonus. Its going to come off, I'm confident of that.


Wow! whoever said that the liver shrinking diet starts getting easier around day 3 was totally 100% right. Yesterday morning I felt terrible. I was having a real struggle with concentrating on anything. It was probably the longest day I have ever has at work.

But today when I woke up wow, I feel pretty much normal. Its amazing the difference. I was sceptical that it would get better but it totally has.

I have started a bullet journal just for keeping track of my food during the pre-op diet. Finding it really helpful with planning and knowing where I am at. My pre-op diet only calls for 1 litre but I think I am going to try and get more in while I can.



Surgery Date: 11/05/2017

Its been a whirlwind two days for me. I had an apt yesterday afternoon with the Bariatric pre-op nurse and then the standard pre-op nurse. I was feeling pretty calm about it, thinking my surgery was likely still a few months away. Much to my surprise I was offered a date of the 11 of May due to a cancellation. I hesitated at first because I was so shocked. But then I was like well yeah lets go for it! I'm not sure if I am excited or nervous. More like a little numb.

This means today I started the two week liver shrinking diet. It has actually been easier then I thought It would be. But I imagine it will be worse tomorrow. I read some advice on the boards that says you just got to white knuckle it. My knuckles are so frikkin white.

Work has been really cool about the time off which is a relief. I was told I could be off for 4-6 weeks after for recovery. Management was find with that and is being super supportive.

Weighed myself this morning and I was at 268. Looking forward to seeing that number coming down.


I work at a hospital. In fact the very same hospital in which I am seeing the Bariatrics team. While I work in a different department Bariatrics is still part of the same directorate.

I am a hallway away from where the Waiting list coordinator/Managers/Secretaries sit. I've been to meetings with them often and I know them well enough to say hello when I see them. I quite regularly see my Bariatric consultant and a few of the other practitioners just around as part of the work day. Luckily the entire team is very professional and would never let anyone else know that I was on the waiting list for a gastric bypass. But sometimes I still feel quite awkward.

One of the reasons is that I am quite a private person. I have only told about four people I have decided to have this done. My Husband has told his family because we are very close to them.

But at work, I just don't want everyone that I work with knowing everything about me. I worry sometimes that my work colleagues will find out and I would rather not face their judgement. Its possible that they could be fully supportive but I'm not sure they would. One of them has made her views quite clear about WLS in the past and the other had a band but had it removed and speaks very badly of the Bypass in general. I guess its just something on my mind a lot and I worry about.

I did manage to speak to the Bariatric waiting list coordinator and she said the guesstimate I was given of April was pretty optimistic. Its more likely to be the start of Summer. Which I am okay with. I thought April seemed a bit soon and I have no problem waiting my turn. Besides it will give me a chance to try and lose some more weight before then.


I was really happy when I found this forum. It was so refreshing to have points of views from all sorts of people. A lot of them struggling with the same things I have my whole life. I lurked for months while being too shy and or too scared to post. I finally drum up the courage to introduce myself. Received a really warm and loving response. I decided to subscribe to my welcome thread to prompt myself to stay active in this community.

So today while I was at work someone posted some pretty derogatory remarks in that thread I was subscribed to. As you would expect the mods were right on top of that and the posts were deleted and the user (I believe) has been banned. Unfortunately since I had subscribed I still got a copy of the posts in my email in-box. I skimmed the first one but deleted it instantly because I don't need that sort of negativity in my life. The user all sent me a PM but luckily I never got to lay eyes on that only a notification for it.

I'm strong and I've been around the internet for a long time. So I was not an ounce bothered or upset by it.

But I do worry that I have gotten a taste of what I might have to experience post weight loss surgery. There does seem to be a stigma surrounding it. One of the reasons I have told very, very few people that I am going to have a bypass done. I have read on the board to prepare some stock answers. I'm still pre-op but I am certainly going to start thinking of some now.

I am not going to let all this chase me off the board but I will certainly hesitate to subscribe to threads from now on.

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