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Stomach Hurts After Drinking Water

Posted by sweetpinkbebe, 16 November 2011 · 2,295 views

Hi friends, everytime I drink plain water I feel sick and sometimes get a little stomach ache afterwards. I was wondering if anybody else has the same problem and if so does it eventually go away? I also get very sleepy after I eat and then it goes away, any ideas. I am 21 daost post op. Thanks!

Try drinking warm liquids such as tea or water that is flavored with mio or crystal lite. I used to get sleepy after eating also. I forgot about that. You really need to put your questions on the forums not your blog. You will get more responses. Try the "post op" forum. :)
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I have the same problem! I can eat a sf Popsicle with no problem but when I drink cold water, my stomach hurts. Not for long but an annoyance! I asked my surgeon and he said he didn't know why because I could tolerate other cold items. But he said it would eventually go away. Let's hope so!!
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i cant't drink plain water either....weird much? i drink the fruit punch & pink lemonade crystal light. very good flavors and i can tolerate it better. you can also sip the broth from lipton noodle soup, as hot as you can take it...soothing. hope this helps. :)
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I drink warm tea. I can drink water, but it must be room temperature.
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with the weather being so cold in the uk at the mo i have gone from drinking plain room temperature water(as fridge water made me so cold) to now getting in all my water through black tea with xylotol sweetner. in fact i think i am exceeding the reccommended 1.5 litres per day purely coz i love my tea :) i drink rooibos or red bush tea as its also known.
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